Finances are important and we'd like you to have an upfront idea of what your project will cost. We have created our pricing structure (right) with this in mind. 

Sarah-Jayne Communications will try to help you estimate the overall cost of your project, including through pricing in different ways if necessary. We do not charge per word; we firmly believe that the best writing cannot be achieved by counting words, but by considering the overall result.

For those unsure of their business copywriting requirements, we provide a free, no obligation, consultation which will help to ensure that you have everything that you need to get started.


Per hour: £50 (guaranteed 500 words)

Per day: £250 (guaranteed 2000 words)

Typical letter: £25 (based on 100-150   words)

Typical blog/article: £40 (based on 400-600 words)

Typical webpage content: £85 (based on 800-1000 words)

Typical White Paper: £200 (based on 2000 words)

Typical complete website content package: £750 (based on 5000- 8000 words )

PLEASE NOTE: We are sorry, but due to the nature of translation we are unable to offer a price estimate on this site. Please CONTACT US for more information and details of your project and we will get back to you as soon as we can.